Red Panda

Photo of a Red Panda

In the wild

Scientific name: Ailurus fulgens fulgerns
Status: Classified as Endangered
Distribution: Mountain forests of Central Asia
Type: Mammal
Diet: Herbivore

At Marwell Wildlife

The red panda’s diet consists of bananas, apples, leaf eater pellets and panda cake – which contains the nutrients and vitamins they need. Bamboo is placed around the enclosure to encourage them to look for their food.

The red pandas spend most of the day asleep high up in the trees.

About Red Pandas

The red panda is predominately solitary and is most active at dawn and dusk. They have semi-retractable claws, which allow them to be efficient climbers and when not foraging, pandas are usually found in trees. 

The diet of a red panda is composed almost entirely of bamboo, they grasp the stems with their forepaws and shear the leaves off with their sharp teeth.  Bamboo is poor in nutrients so other foods such as roots and fruits as well as small lizards and bird’s eggs are also eaten. After eating or resting they tend to groom themselves thoroughly. 

On the ground red pandas have an ungainly walk but are much more agile in the trees, using their tail for balance.

Red pandas have suffered from habitat loss throughout their range; forests have been cleared for timber extraction, agriculture and development.

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