Review of the year 2010


Sustainable business award 2010Social leadership is needed in support of our charitable outputs, to lead and to inform the wider public as to option values for the future. Sustainability and the improvement of our own environmental performance is a way by which we can demonstrate that leadership and champion responsible behaviour for the benefit of our
organisation and other stakeholders.

In 2010 we said we would:

  • Publish a five-year carbon reduction strategy
  • Evaluate alternative energy technologies such as biomass and anaerobic digestion
  • Increase the number of summer-time free bus services as part of our green travel plan
  • Work with suppliers and service providers to promote sustainable practise throughout our supply chain

In 2010 we:

  • Marwell Bus 2010 Calculated our carbon footprint for the second consecutive year and created a draft carbon reduction strategy.
  • Undertook a successful trial of the anaerobic digestion of waste animal bedding & dung, generating viable amounts of bio-gas.
  • Produced outline plans for renewable energy generation, including options for solar PV
  • Ran a summer bus service to the park from May to September, increasing the number of passengers by 45% compared to the previous year.
  • Embedded ethical purchasing into catering & retail practice


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