Review of the year 2010


Marwell10kIn 2010 we planned to:

  • Engage more with the local community through a calendar of events and challenges
  • Build on the fundraising strategy and marketing materials developed in 2009 and test our first appeal
  • Launch an annual campaign, geared around birds (FLIGHT) incorporating park wide activities in support
    of both fundraising and science and learning

In 2010 we:

  • Worked with Eastleigh Running Club in repositioning the Marwell 10k as the first fundraising event for Marwell Wildlife, adding £4.8k in sponsorship via local runners and corporate support in addition to the£6.5k annually donated by the Running Club itself.
  •  volunteers at MarwellStrengthened links with local companies De La Rue, HSBC, Skandia and IBM via corporate volunteering days to mutual benefit, with Marwell welcoming the extra resource on both our woodland restoration project and other park based activities, and the corporates meeting their CSR commitments
  • Grew to understand that a community based fundraising strategy relied on local awareness and
    recognition of our charitable status and that, beyond the rebrand to Marwell Wildlife, we had a long way
    to go in convincing the public to support us when the park served as a key source of income.
  • Generated the target income for the FLIGHT campaign – although a portion of it will be realised in 2011 via the Veolia Environmental Trust.
  • Once again, we worked with the science and learning team to deliver
    a host of educationally based, bird related activities – including a FLIGHT trail, variety of bird talks &
    feeds, craft activities and games.
  • Tested our first appeal, geared around the FLIGHT campaign with a focus on the woodland restoration
    project. £7k was generated from 1000 supporters.



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