Review of the year 2010


We believe that volunteering provides opportunity for empowerment and enrichment for both volunteer and
Marwell as the host. We greatly value and respect our volunteers and believe that great benefit is derived from
such partnerships.

Volunteering StaffIn 2010 we planned to:

  • Involve volunteers more in the planning and development processes of our organisation
  • Expand the scope of volunteer roles available at Marwell to raise both the internal profile of volunteers
    and attract a socially and physically diverse audience of potential volunteers
  • Continue to promote guest service excellence through continuous training and support

During 2010 we:

  • Continued to consult and inform volunteers on Marwell Wildlife developments through the volunteers’
    training weekend and volunteers’ newsletter as well as involving them in the continued development of
    the brand
  • Provided volunteer support for our annual campaign – FLIGHT- activities and other events throughout
    the year including a new Animals Encounters activity for Halloween and the Christmas Event.
  • expanded the scope of volunteer roles available at Marwell in two ways. Firstly, through defining
    processes, procedures and guidance for managers to develop role descriptions for potential and new
    roles which led to the following roles:
    formal gardena Vet Nurse role for the Curators department.
    a weekend Reception volunteer role to provide additional hours support.
    a volunteer role for the grounds team centred on the new Formal Gardens.
    a volunteer carpenter role for the Conservation Dept
  • Continued to promote guest service excellence through inviting volunteers to the Welcome All (disability awareness) training courses and running training programmes on complaint handling and guest support.

  • Operated a second tombola point during busy periods to maximise in-park fundraising.
  • Developed processes and procedures for a Staff Volunteering Programme with HR.



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