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Marwell Wildlife is a charity dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources, formerly known as the Marwell Preservation Trust.

The Marwell Preservation Trust was initially established in 1972 to manage Marwell Zoological Park, a centre for the breeding and conservation of endangered species. A complementary education service, supporting wildlife conservation and environmental goals was subsequently developed and the Trust established a track record of supporting a range of in situ conservation initiatives with resources generated from the operation of the zoological park.

More recently, the Trust invested resources to establish and develop its own portfolio of international conservation projects.

Today, under its new brand identity of Marwell Wildlife, the charity seeks to address causes of extinction such as habitat loss and the over-exploitation of biological resources and to manage vulnerable populations of threatened species to ensure their survival. This is achieved through a range of species and habitat conservation programmes locally to Marwell’s base in southern England and internationally, with a particular focus in Africa.

Our approach to conservation is characterised by some common threads that run through our projects:

  • We undertake projects that build capacity for wildlife conservation, particularly in countries lacking the necessary resources by providing expertise and funding to support biologists in developing countries.
  • We seek to address large-scale conservation issues by developing strategic partnerships and pooling resources with like-minded organisations that share common goals.
  • We seek to gain knowledge to inform conservation decision-making by undertaking research as an integral component of our projects.
  • With limited resources for biodiversity conservation, we believe in the effective and efficient use of available assets. This is achieved through careful project planning and management and by evaluating the results of our work against key targets and conservation metrics.
  • We recognise that biological resources are important for people and in turn conservation is reliant on good stewardship by individuals and communities. Investing in people is at the heart of our business: developing the knowledge and experience of our team; providing training and building capacity for others working with wildlife; consulting and encouraging community involvement in biodiversity conservation.

Marwell Wildlife Conservation Policy

  • Conservation of biological diversity, environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility are central to the organisation’s mission and philosophy. Our holistic conservation policy is designed to improve performance and efficiency and to encourage responsible behaviour in staff, visitors, business partners and the communities with who we interact. We aim to maximise the positive impacts and benefits accruing from the organisation’s conservation activities and to reduce or mitigate negative impacts of all activities on the environment.
  • This is achieved through the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System and by ensuring that environmental issues and conservation policies are taken into account in strategic planning and are included in all departmental plans and operations.
  • Specifically, Marwell Wildlife will adopt the best practicable approaches to prevent pollution, to reduce or compensate for CO2 emissions, to ensure the efficient use of energy, water and other resources, to minimise waste and implement recycling, to manage its grounds and natural habitats in an ecologically sustainable manner consistent with Marwell’s role as a visitor attraction, and to evaluate and mitigate negative impacts of developments.
  • The Trust will endeavour to address its impacts in the wider world by adopting green procurement practises and preferring to work with suppliers and contractors that demonstrate similar social and environmental responsibility.
  • In carrying out its mission, Marwell Wildlife will comply with all relevant legislation and standards, and adhere to recognised guidelines for best conservation practise.
  • The organisation’s conservation and environmental performance will be evaluated on a regular basis and improved through the setting of objectives and targets. Implementation is a collective undertaking of all staff, which will be monitored and evaluated under the direction of the Chief Executive.

Simon Beloe, Chairman Board of Trustees


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