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2014 plans - Marwell 10k and Fun Run

Over the next 3 years, we’ll be making some exciting changes to the zoo with the introduction new exhibits, the first of which will be focussed on our rhinos and hoof stock.

Marwell plans

This activity will signal the start of a longer term, capital investment programme which will see new exhibits; events; species and guest facilities being developed.

Undertaking projects of this scale is no small logistical feat. Once we break ground in spring next year we anticipate that there will be some disruption to our guest movements within the zoo which we’ll clearly do our best to minimise.

It’s likely, however, that they will impact on our organisation of this much loved, annual challenge event.

With this in mind, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend the Marwell 10k and Fun Run for 2014.

We recognise how popular the event is and are genuinely sorry to disappoint all the fundraisers and children who enter with such gusto and enthusiasm.

It’s early in our planning but we hope to welcome the event back once our new exhibits are open.

In the meantime please enjoy the mix of activities (including dinosaurs and bird of prey shows) which we have lined up for next year and stay in touch.


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