Leaf-Cutter Ant Cam

What can I see here ? ....

The AntCam is a normal CCTV camera which is installed into one of the plastic tubes that make up our Ant Run in Tropical World. It is connected to a screen right next to it and to the Internet. Our Ant Run connects the ant nest to the feeding station and is approximately 15m long. Its made of clear plastic pipe so you can see the ants going back and forth. It includes a climb of about 1m at 45deg and then a descent of the same.

The ants coming towards you are going to the food, the ants going away are coming from the food and generally will be carrying a large piece of leaf. An ant is around 560 times smaller than a man - for our 15m ant run that means its equivalent to you travelling nearly 8.5Km each way ! It takes an ant about 10 minutes to get from the nest to the food, and about the same coming back even though they then have a massive piece of leaf to carry !

The view from the camera is looking down the tube towards the nest which is about 5m away. You can see the ants approaching in the distance. The 5p is to give some scale to the picture. To the right is the public area of Tropical World and the local screen - you may see a face peering in now and then ! Just behind the camera the ascent starts going towards the feeding station.

When light levels are low the camera may be unable to generate an adequate picture so you may not see a picture at all times.

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