Discovery boxes

Discovery Boxes

Discovery Boxes are giant treasure chests filled with interactive activity ideas and props!

The activities help to focus your observations on the animals, as well as finding out all sorts of amazing facts. They meet a variety of learning styles and are especially good for visual and kinaesthetic learners. There is also usually a separate box labelled “For Special Needs Groups” within the Discovery Boxes.

Discovery Boxes are free to book and use and have activities to help you find out more about our animals.

Where are they?

  • Oceans Discovery Box: Penguin Cove
  • Savannah Discovery Box: Savannah Tracks
  • Rainforests Discovery Box: Siamangs
  • Coming Soon: Mountains and Deserts Discovery Box


Below are some downloadable resources to help you get the most out of using the boxes.

Please print responsibly.

Discovery Boxes Free Resources

Discovery Boxes Map

Discovery Box Information

Discovery Box Risk Assessment 2024

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