Post 14 Opportunities

Post 14 Opportunities

We offer a range of interactive and engaging 40min workshops designed to match the GCSE and vocational curriculums.

Longer half day conferences are also available for a more comprehensive educational experience.

Please click on the workshop or conference links below to find out more about session content and curriculum links.

Post 14 Animal behaviour workshop

Develop observational skills by carrying out a pilot study on live rats; this method can then be used to independently study animals in the zoo.

Post 14 Animal behaviour conference

Practice key skills through an observational study of live animals and reflecting on how best to collect reliable data.

Post 14 Marwell's role in conservation

Discover the role of a modern zoo in conserving species and their habitat.

World wide webs

Discover relationships between species and their role within an ecosystem.

Travel and tourism

Learn about Marwell Wildlife as both a conservation organisation and tourist destination.

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Year-5 Trip To Marwell

On Wednesday the 13th of January 2016 Fernhurst Primary School Year-5 went to Marwell Zoo for a school trip.We got there on an AMK Bus ,it took us about an hour to get there.My favourite part was looking at the Giraffes because it is amazing to see how big they actually… Read full reviewJoe, 21st January 2016