Environmental stewardship is central to our mission and philosophy

Our Environmental Policy is designed to improve performance and efficiency and to encourage responsible behaviour in staff, guests, business partners and the communities with whom we interact. We aim to maximise the positive impacts and benefits accruing from the organisation’s conservation activities and to reduce or mitigate negative impacts of all activities on the environment. This is embedded in our operations in the UK and internationally through our ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System.

We have adopted an ambitious Carbon Reduction Plan based on energy monitoring and efficiency, renewable energy generation, waste management, water conservation, green transport and carbon offsetting. Our Ethical Purchasing Policy is designed to manage our supply chain in support of our charitable objectives , promoting sustainable and socially responsible business practises including efficient use of natural resources and minimising or eliminating harmful emissions, and respecting human rights.

We engage the business community in sustainability issues through networking opportunities, and our plans are aligned with local, regional and national policies to support low carbon economy. Internationally, we bring green technology and sustainability solutions to the field to support community conservation initiatives.


Ethical Sourcing Policy

Carbon Reduction Plan