Tag: New Habitat

A bush dog stands outdoors at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Bush dogs are here!

August 12, 2023

We’re excited to announce a charismatic new species has arrived at Marwell zoo. The pack of one male and three female bush dogs arrived from Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Tuesday […]

A female snow leopard, Irina, sits on a rock at Marwell Zoo

Support our snow leopards

August 8, 2023

We’ve got exciting plans for our snow leopard habitat and we’re inviting the whole community to help us get the project off the ground. Donate Now When it was built […]

The “unbe-leaf-able” plants inside our new habitat

August 4, 2023

It’s a well-known fact that plants are good for us. As well as reducing carbon dioxide, they make us feel more relaxed and can even boost your mood. So, when […]

NEW Summer offer: 5 for £75 & so much to see 👀

July 31, 2023

We’ve got a fantastic August offer set to help as many people as possible connect with nature this summer! For £75 guests will be able to buy a ticket that […]