5 for £75: extended!

September 1, 2023

The school holidays may be ending, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there because we’re extending our “Five for £75” family tickets.

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Families with up to two adults and at least one child will be able to enjoy a full day of fun at Marwell Zoo up until the end of November (excluding Glow Marwell event days).

If you haven’t visited over the summer, there are lots of new things to look forward to!

We have a host of new animal species, including caracara, bush dogs, Brazilian guineapigs and rock hyrax as well as rough tailed plated lizard, ocellated bronze skinks and European green toads.

A brazilian guinea pig at marwell zoo

We’ve welcomed babies from our cotton headed tamarins, red river hoglets, Przewalski’s foal, African wild ass, blesbok, starred agama and blue-faced honeyeaters.

Tashi the red panda joined us from Paradise Wildlife Park and we’ve launched a fundraising campaign to double the size of our snow leopard enclosure.

Our upcycled Thriving Through Nature habitat, allows guests to touch, smell and feel their way through an arid landscape full of herbs, shrubs and trees as well as reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

Plus, Bushtucker Bites became Safari Scoops, a brand-new ice cream parlour complete with waffles, shakes and sundaes.

Children can enjoy the new accessible playground at Fur, Feathers and Scales, where the equipment has been designed to cater for children aged two to six years old whilst the neighbouring equipment caters for children aged four to 10.

Toddlers play with the telescope on the new playground at Marwell Zoo

Sean Mannie, Commercial Director, said: “Following the success of our “Five for £75” family tickets, we’re delighted to be able to continue offering them until the end of November, allowing even more families to visit Marwell Zoo at an accessible rate.

“At an equivalent of £15 per person, for a family of two adults and three children, these tickets represent fantastic value for money and give families an opportunity to enjoy time together, explore our 140-acre park and learn about our rare and threatened species.

“With several new exciting animal species, a new exhibit and lots of babies born over the summer it’s a great time to come and see what’s changed.”

Don’t forget to download the free Marwell Zoo app for animal feed times, a park map and our tree-mendous tree trail.

Pick up a souvenir at the gift shop and don’t forget to bring a bottle so you can make use of our free water refill points throughout the park.