Road train updates

The road train route has increased! 

It will now be stopping at:

  • Gift shop
  • Giraffe house
  • Tigers
  • Fur, feather and scales

It will run to a 30-minute timetable as it does now.

The new road train brings many great benefits including a much smoother and quieter ride, improved safety features and much easier accessibility for disabled guests. The new rear loading ramp makes access for manual wheelchair users much simpler and quicker and allows disabled guests to sit among their families.

Pushchairs and buggies

For guests with pushchairs and buggies, we do continue to provide a free pushchair park, at each stop. This facility is unstaffed, so items are left at guests’ risk. The vast majority of guests use this facility.

Alternatively, buggies that are small enough to be folded and placed securely under the seats in the carriages are welcome on board the road train. Larger pushchairs that do not fit on our train can damage it when trying to put them on so your support with this is very much appreciated.

Space under the seats available for pushchairs in first and second carriage:

80cm x 43cm x 36cm – two rows at the end of the carriages with wheel arches

170cm x 43cm x 36cm – two rows in the centre of carriages