Cheetahs at Marwell


Walk stealthily up the wooden boardwalk of Savannah Tracks and see if you can spot our elusive cheetah lurking in the bushes…

…of course, if the sun’s out they might just be taking it easy and enjoying a few rays on their rock.

Savannah Tracks is home to our two, northern cheetah brothers.

Marwell is actively involved in conserving cheetahs in Africa. This includes tracking wild cheetahs to understand how far and wide they roam and advising Zimbabwean farmers and local communities on practical methods of farming to avoid harming them.

Find out more about our cheetah conservation and see our Field Biologists in action on the video in Savannah Tracks’ outpost. Here, you’ll also find a range of skulls highlighting the Cheetah and other big cats - as well as the varied prey which they enjoy in the wild.

Head over to the cheetah running track and see if you can sprint as fast as a cheetah or any of the other animals highlighted on the track. Running speeds of ostriches to tortoises are included so you’re certain to match at least one! *Please note, on particularly cold days the running track is out of service.

Listen out for our colony of greater flamingo, just down the road from the cheetahs. We previously added mirrors and a “greater flamingo soundtrack” to give the illusion of a larger group – to encourage them to breed. We’ve had chicks so it’s been successful!

If you develop a soft spot for our cheetah then why not adopt one? You’ll be making a very welcome contribution to the care of our animals in the zoo (and helping to fund the tonnes of fresh meat which our carnivores consume each year).

In the wild

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Raining but this meant the animals were inside and we got a good view of them.Group Organiser, 19th August 2019