Rhinos at Marwell

White Rhinos

Marwell's white rhinos share their home with Scimitar horned-oryx, ostrich and Grevy's zebra at our newest and biggest exhibit, Wild Explorers. 

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Our rhinos are called Kiri, Sula, Pembe and Jabari. Kiri moved to Marwell from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in 1988 when she was just 2 years old and she has been living happily here ever since. Rhinos in captivity have been known to live for up to 50 years so we’re hoping she will be with us for many years to come!

Sula is the only mother and has given birth to two beautiful rhino calves – her first boy, Bhasela, was born in 1999 and then another boy, Shaka, followed in 2003. Bhasela is now living in a zoo in Sweden, and Shaka is at FlamingoLand in Yorkshire.

Jabari arrived at the age of 2 from Dublin Zoo in 2015 and Pembe arrived from Colchester Zoo in early 2016 as part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme (EEP). They are the littlest, most playful rhinos at Wild Explorers so it’s easy to tell them apart from Kiri and Sula.

To spot the difference between Kiri and Sula - look at their horns, you can see that each has a different shape. Kiri’s is curved and Sula’s is straight! The horns are made of keratin – the material which forms our hair and fingernails.

Each rhino weighs around 2 tonnes – that’s roughly the same as two modern Mini Coopers! To help them grow so big and strong, they need to take in a lot of food. Of course, this means that they also produce a huge amount of dung. Our keepers have to shovel up 3 full wheelbarrows’ worth of rhino poo every day!

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