Zoo Keeper for a day.

“After receiving a very special gift from my wife for a significant birthday two months ago, I've been counting down the days (hours etc.)then yesterday finally came. No words can explain the day I had (but I'll have go). After being met at the gate at 8.15 and a quick induction on Zoo etiquette, do's and don'ts, it was off to the penguins. Straight into the messy stuff, preparing the fish, then feeding them. Onto the giraffes, bit of cleaning up and preparing a bit of food for them, up close and personal(beautiful creatures), then the other hooved animals, before a T Break. Time going far too quickly. Off to see the Rhinos, a pat on the back for them, awesome beasts. Before I know it it's lunch time. The afternoon starts in with lemurs, feeding the gibbons then onto the cats (incl. the BIG cats. Start with feeding mice to the meerkat family. After another couple of stops, it's onto the tigers. They here us coming. I Put the meat in their cages and then just watched in awe at these beautiful, powerful creatures. Snow leopards, leopard and cheetah follow, all as exciting. Feeding the cheetah meat from tongs close up gave a great adrenalin rush. Finishing up with Coati's. Great fun creatures, they were everywhere trying to get their food. Back to the hut to pick up my gift bag and photos of my day (my fully packed fantastic day). There are too many people to thank (and I can't remember all of the names, sorry), but thanks to Megan and Steph for taking me around the park and Kieran (giraffes) and Jody (the big cats)for an unforgettably memorable day. If anyone is thinking of doing this, 'ITS A MUST' for animal lovers. Thanks again. STEVE.”



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