Our little cheeky monkey went Wild, Exploring the new exhibit!

“Our family have been season ticket holders since our son, now two, turned eight months old. Marwell has provided a safe, fun, and informative place for us, and all our friends all to visit as our little monkies have grown. Our little man has learnt the names for various exotic animals from real-life, rather than books, as his almost weekly visits show :) This weekend (after a month's absence due to holidays, illness and other commitments), we were finally able to explore the new Wild Explorers exhibit. Our son was excited by the new way to view the animals, and the safari truck; "Wow! Wow! Mama Wow!" And the new play park was a hit. He also loved the excellent theatre production by The Point local youth dramatics group, and giggled whenever the two esteemed Elephants made an appearance during the show. Long Live Marwell, a truly magical place for little monkies, mature parents, and esteemed elephants alike! ”



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