We're counting down to SUPERSIZED!

Our SUPERSIZED! event gets closer every day and it’s going to be HUGE!

All made from toy bricks and SUPERSIZED to eye-popping proportions, 16 extraordinary new species will be joining us from 4 April, including a blue-ringed octopus, American kestrel, and a towering red spitting cobra.

This year’s event aims to entertain while debunking stereotypes, particularly given so many species are threatened because they are misjudged and persecuted. Each sculpture comes with educational facts about the species as well as a mini model counterpart to represent their actual size!

Play games, build your own models, create toy brick graffiti and find out how the expert model makers use tiny toy bricks to build the eyes of these huge creatures. The creative geniuses at BRICKLIVE, say it will take their team of professional builders more than 10,000 hours to create the world exclusive event!

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