Our larger than life brick adventure, SUPERSIZED!

Our larger than life brick adventure, SUPERSIZED! may be delayed but we don’t want you to miss out!

Some of the sculptures arrived at Marwell from the BRICKLIVE workshop before the coronavirus lockdown and we will be sharing a sneak peek of what’s to come on our social media channels.

The event will now be on display at the zoo until 1 November 2020. We're hopeful that the zoo will be open long before this, so that there's plenty of time to enjoy the event!

All made from toy bricks and SUPERSIZED to eye-popping proportions, 16 extraordinary new species are joining us, including a blue-ringed octopus, American kestrel, and a towering red spitting cobra.

This striking American kestrel has been magnified to seven times its real-life height. The sculpture will be joined by its miniature model too!

The American kestrel is a daytime hunter mostly preying on insects and small mammals, which they usually catch on or near, the ground rather than in flight. Instead of eating what they have caught all at once they will often store some for later.

Head over to our Facebook page to see a time-lapse of the towering red spitting cobra being built by the team at BRICKLIVE!

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American kestrel mini sized

American kestrel mini sized