Wrinkled Hornbills Meet Their Match!

Our wrinkled hornbills, male ‘Bulu’ and female ‘Cinta’ have recently been paired in one of our walk-through aviaries and are already forming a strong bond.  

Bulu (meaning ‘feather’ in Indonesian) arrived from Parc des Oiseaux in France in July 2016. Cinta (meaning ‘love’ in Indonesian) came to Marwell from Paignton Zoo in November.   

They have been paired together following a recommendation by the European Endangered species breeding Programme (EEP) Coordinator. They pair up individuals based on best genetic matches, taking into consideration factors such as compatibility of the animals and how easy it is to transport them.   

Meg Fieldhouse, Team Leader for Birds Section said early indications suggest that the pair is getting on very well:  

“They are spending a lot of time together out and about in the enclosure. Bulu has been attempting to give Cinta food items and this is positive pair-bonding behaviour.   

At the moment she seems a little confused by what he is trying to do, but this probably because she is still young, she will understand eventually.”  

The pair can also be heard vocalising to one another, which is another display of courtship.  

In the wild, Wrinkled hornbills have faced problems within certain areas of their range, including illegal logging in protected areas, land conversion and forest fires. These birds rely on undisturbed primary rainforest to thrive in, so they are greatly affected by damage to their habitat.  

In the long term it is hoped Bulu and Cinta will produce offspring to contribute to the EEP. Cinta may be a little too young to breed this year but the Birds team is prepared for all eventualities and are keeping their fingers crossed for the future.



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