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August 2017

Global Snow Leopard Forum in Kyrgyzstan

Marwell Wildlife’s Philip Riordan is attending a forum and summit for the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program (GSLEP) in Kyrgyzstan

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Photo credit: The Wildlife Institute/Wildlife without borders

July 2017

Zoos and reintroductions: challenges and opportunities

The world is facing a biodiversity crisis and populations of surviving species have substantially declined.

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The genetic diversity of Addax nasomaculatus in reintroduced and ex-situ managed populations

Marwell Wildlife, Al Ain Zoo, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and San Diego Zoo Global have initiated a project with the Tunisian Direction Générale des Forêts to evaluate the genetic diversity of addax across global ex-situ populations and the Tunisian metapopulation

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May 2017

Marwell and partners celebrate a quarter of a century of successful sand lizard reintroductions

A breeding colony of sand lizards Lacerta agilis first established at Marwell Zoo in 1989 has now led to the re-establishment of 26 populations of this rare reptile across the south of England.

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The role of zoos and aquaria in animal reintroductions to the wild

The world faces a biodiversity crisis and conservation efforts are needed to protect species from extinction.

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April 2017

January 2017