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November 2020

Peaks to Plains: Restoring and reconnecting the habitats of goitered gazelle in Kazakhstan

Earlier this year, Marwell Wildlife was awarded a grant from the International Unions for the Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Save Our Species (SOS) programme to work with local conservation teams in Kazakhstan to assess the current population status of the threatened goitered gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa) in the east of the country.

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September 2020

Exceptional breeding year gives much needed boost to efforts to return the UK’s rarest lizard

As part of Marwell Wildlife’s continuing conservation work to re-establish the UK’s rarest lizard, the sand lizard (Lacerta agilis), this year we have contributed over 130 juvenile lizards for release at Puddletown.

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August 2020

Detailed analysis reveals key differences in landscape use by snow leopards in two mountainous regions of China

Marwell researchers working with colleagues in China, have found fundamental differences in the ways in which snow leopards use the mountain landscapes in which they occur. 

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A snow leopard photo taken using a remote camera trap in the Qilian Mountains, Gansu Province of China. © The Wildlife Institute, Beijing Forestry University, P.R. China

March 2020

Remnant Asian elephant populations at risk in China

The Asian elephant is at risk of extinction due to anthropogenic pressures, and remaining populations are often small and fragmented remnants, occupying a fraction of the species’ former range.

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