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July 2018

Citizen science reveals increase in Kenya’s Grevy's zebra population

Recently announced results from the 'Great Grevy's Rally' show that there are now around 2,800 Grevy's zebra in Kenya representing a healthy increase in numbers compared to previous surveys despite the challenging environment.


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June 2018

New book published – “The dama gazelles: last members of a critically endangered species”

A new book on the Critically Endangered dama gazelle has been published by Texas A&M University Press, with contributions from Marwell Wildlife on how best to conserve the European zoo population of dama gazelle to ensure a future for the species.

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The reintroduction of addax to Djebil National Park features in a new book on global reintroductions

We are pleased to report the inclusion in the sixth edition of Global Reintroduction Perspectives, published by the IUCN SSC Reintroduction Specialist Group, of a case study submitted by Marwell Wildlife on reintroduction efforts for addax in Djebil National Park, Tunisia.

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February 2018

The genetics of reintroduced addax populations in Tunisia: the first year of the project

In 2017 Marwell Wildlife began a 3-year project with Al Ain Zoo, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, San Diego Zoo Global and the Tunisian Direction Générale des Forêts to evaluate the genetic diversity of addax Addax nasomaculatus across global ex-situ populations and those reintroduced to Tunisia. The year one progress report for this project is now available from our publications-technical & project reports page.



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Congratulations to our Tunisian field assistant, Chawki Najjar!

Chawki Najjar, a young Tunisian veterinarian, joined Marwell Wildlife’s team in Tunisia as a volunteer during his last year studying Veterinary Medicine.

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January 2018