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January 2019

Without a paddle: where would we be without dung beetles?

Two papers have been recently published with our collaborative teams

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December 2018

Marwell Wildlife Trustee receives inaugural ‘Lifetime Contribution to Wildlife Translocations Award’

Dr Mark Stanley Price, Marwell Wildlife Trustee, received the inaugural ‘Lifetime Contribution to Wildlife Translocations Award’ from the IUCN SSC Reintroduction Specialist Group

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Do wildlife corridors link or extend habitat?

Insights from elephant use of a Kenyan wildlife corridor

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September 2018

Marwell uses technology to track reintroduction of Britain’s rarest lizard

Marwell Wildlife is using tiny radio tags to track the movements of Britain’s rarest reptile, the sand lizard Lacerta agilis, following reintroduction to a protected area.

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Photo credit Paul N Drane

July 2018

Citizen science reveals increase in Kenya’s Grevy's zebra population

Recently announced results from the 'Great Grevy's Rally' show that there are now around 2,800 Grevy's zebra in Kenya representing a healthy increase in numbers compared to previous surveys despite the challenging environment.


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June 2018