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June 2015

Two decades of business partnership pays dividends for local biodiversity

Marwell Wildlife and technology company QinetiQ celebrate 20 years of grazing management at Eelmoor Marsh Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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May 2015

Action for Antelope

With a quarter of antelope species threatened with extinction and over 60% suffering declines in their populations, Marwell Wildlife has joined forces with the IUCN Species Survival Commission to host the new Antelope Specialist Group (ASG) Programme Office. ASG is the world’s leading body of scientific and practical expertise on the status and conservation of all antelope species.

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March 2015

The return of the long lost North-African ostrich to Tunisia

Conserving and reintroducing North-African ostriches is not only vital to retaining the diversity of ostrich but also to filling the gap left in the Sahara’s ecosystems.

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North African ostrich chick

Join the Stampede - Marwell's Zany Zebras

Help us to stage an extraordinary, FREE, family friendly event for 2016. We are looking for businesses and organisations to sponsor our stunning Grevy’s zebra sculptures. These large sculptures will be decorated by our talented artists, creating a fantastic piece of public street art for thousands to enjoy.

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