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August 2016

Red-necked ostrich reintroduction efforts

We are delighted to report the great success of the first ostrich offspring born and raised by their parents in Sidi Toui national park in Tunisia, near the Libyan border.

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January 2016

The Great Grevy’s Rally

The first ever photo-census of Grevy’s Zebra is gearing up to provide vital information about the status of this magnificent animal. The Great Grevy’s Zebra Rally will take place on 30th and 31st January 2016 in Kenya, coinciding with International Zebra Day.

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Marwell oryx begin path to ambitious reintroduction

An important herd of scimitar-horned oryx from Marwell Zoo has arrived in Abu Dhabi as a critical step in an ambitious and globally pioneering conservation project.

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Scimitar-horned oryx


September 2015

Journey of the desert zebra

Recently, Marwell Wildlife’s team in Kenya deployed GPS/GSM enabled tracking collars on a new study group of Grevy’s zebra as part of a long term initiative to understand the distribution and movement patterns of this endangered species.

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A Grevy’s zebra in the Chabli desert seen by the Marwell team on a previous expedition, with ancient lava flows in the background.

Rare clubmoss appears at Eelmoor Marsh

The rare marsh clubmoss Lycopodiella inundata has been found at Eelmoor Marsh Site of Special Scientific Interest in Hampshire, nearly 60 years after it was last seen in this location

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