Our Conservation Work

Marwell Wildlife is action-orientated and adaptive, using good science to underpin conservation decisions.

It’s an important time for our planet, and conservation work has never been more essential. With issues such as the climate change crisis, ecosystem degredation and biodiversity loss rife across the world, conservation success is crucial.

We commit to long-term initiatives and work in partnership with communities, statutory authorities, academic and other non-governmental organisations to achieve shared goals.

Read our Conservation Strategy (2023-28)

Our Vision

When it comes to our wildlife conservation work, our vision is simple: living in balance with nature.

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and other natural resources.

Our Aims

To support our vision and conservation mission, we’ve outlines our aims to help support our conservation projects:

  • Conserve species and their habitats, locally and globally
  • Inspire care for the natural world
  • Undertake and share results of scientific studies
  • Improve our environmental performance and promote sustainable living

Learn more about our conservation efforts

Find out about our team of conservation managers and scientists, the way we are governed, how we fund our work, and who we work with to achieve our goals.

Ways you can help us protect wildlife

There are many ways that you can both support our work and enjoy a memorable and fulfilling experience at our zoo. When you adopt an animal with us, you’ll be able to not only receive a brilliant goody bag, but you’ll know the money you pay is helping our global conservation work. Or, enjoy one of our animal experiences. You’ll be able to learn more about some of our most popular animals, including getting up close and enjoying a behind-the-scenes peek with our keepers.

We’re a charity

Marwell Zoo is owned and operated by conservation organisation Marwell Wildlife. Help us save species around the world.