Annual Zoo Membership at Marwell

Become a member of Marwell Wildlife and enjoy unlimited entry to the zoo plus a whole host of other benefits. 

We aim to process all membership orders within four days. Once processed we will email you your membership numbers so you can pre-book your visit.

If you actually intend to visit within the next week, we strongly recommend that you purchase day tickets instead and then visit the membership cabin to upgrade to full membership. Please do not purchase a membership online and then purchase day tickets for your visit – we will not be able to refund them.

If you would like to upgrade your recent day visit to membership, please contact the membership team to find out how. Please note, we only deduct the price of a day ticket off the cost of membership. Any donation added to the day ticket purchase is not included.

If you are purchasing memberships as a gift, we will email you a virtual gift voucher that you can print at home to post or send direct to your recipients by email.

You can buy or renew memberships online here.

Marwell Me

Enjoy these benefits when you receive an annual zoo membership:

  • Unlimited Entry to Marwell Zoo for one year!
  • Entry to a wide range of other zoos: Bristol*, Belfast , Chester, Colchester, Edinburgh, Highland Wildlife Park, Paignton, Newquay, Twycross and Rotterdam.  *One entry per year subject to their terms and conditions and a valid membership card. (Please contact each zoo to check their entry policy before your visit.) *When Bristol Zoo closes in September 2022 members will be able to visit Wild Place
  • Discounts in our shop and cafes.
  • Fast track entry: With an annual zoo membership you can avoid queues by using the Member’s gate during busy times of the year.
  • More time in the park: Members entry is up to one hour before zoo closing.

All benefits subject to change

Annual Zoo Membership prices

Annual zoo membership offers fantastic value for all ages – and don’t forget that children under three always enter Marwell for free.

Marwell Zoo – Annual Member Prices
Membership Type Price
Adult Membership
Aged 17 – 59 years
Child Membership
Aged 3 – 16 years inclusive
Aged 2 and under
Senior 60+ or Student with valid Student Card.

Note: Disabled members will be offered a free carer each visit, provided proof of disability is shown when purchasing or renewing membership.

How to Join (or buy a Gift Membership)

Joining us as an annual member is simple. You can buy online (for you or as a gift) today, email us or call our team on 01962 777960.

Buy Your Zoo Memberships Online

Questions?  Email our team or call 01962 777960.


Information for Members

We have updated our FAQ’s so please do read them to find out how to book your member slots and take a look at our updated Guest Guidance page.

All annual memberships were temporarily suspended while the zoo was closed during the national lockdowns and any lost time has been added automatically to applicable memberships. Please do pop in to the membership cabin and we’ll reprint the membership card for you to include the new expiry date although your old cards will continue to work. If you are planning to visit one of our reciprocal zoos you will need to produce a membership card displaying a valid date.

Alternatively, if you would like to donate this “time” to the zoo, instead of an extension, we would be extremely grateful, and it will support the ongoing care of our animals. Please contact our membership team.

Return of the M1 bus from Southampton City Centre

Operating on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays in 2022 between Saturday 9 April and Sunday 4 September inclusive.  Additionally a daily service on selected dates, full details here.  Download the timetable here for the various stops to help plan your journey.

How can I support Marwell?

Please donate here to help us cover basic animal care costs such as feed and bedding. Purchasing through our Amazon Wish List is a great alternative to making a donation. This way, you can ensure your favourite animals benefit from your gift.

You can also renew as a Marwell member or buy membership as a gift, adopt an amazing animal or even start your own fundraising activity. Every penny adds up and so does our gratitude, so thank you for your loyal support – Marwell simply couldn’t do what we do without you.

Marwell News Bites

Browse the latest edition of Marwell News Bites, for all the latest news.

Buy Your Zoo Memberships Online

Questions?  Email our team or call 01962 777960.


Here we have answered the common questions about our Annual Zoo Membership – both before and after you’ve joined.

What date does a membership start from?

We aim to process all membership orders within four days. Once processed we will email you your membership numbers so you can pre-book your visit.

If you wish to visit within these four days, please purchase day tickets and you can upgrade to membership when you visit the zoo.

What tickets can’t be upgraded to membership?

We are unable to upgrade complimentary entry tickets, staff tickets, agent tickets (physical tickets or digital codes; including Kids Pass), adoption tickets and school tickets (including home education)

Gift tickets will be upgraded at standard day ticket rate (excluding donation).

Can I purchase a membership as a gift?

Yes, a membership can be purchased on behalf of someone else. We will require the member’s full name, date of birth and a full address including postcode. This can be processed over the telephone on 01962 777960, in person at the Membership Cabin or online.

We aim to process memberships within four days. We will email you a virtual gift voucher that you can print at home to post or send direct to your recipients by email.

On their first visit members will need to produce a copy of this voucher and adhere to any pre-booking requirements. They should visit the membership cabin where we will take their photo and produce their membership card there and then.

Please note that the membership will start from the day of purchase, or agreed start date, not the date the photograph is taken.

At what age does my child need a membership?

Children are allowed free entry into the zoo until they are three years old and as such they do not need a membership until this date.  We do not register or record their details until they reach the age of three.

Can friends and family members use my card to enter the zoo?

Memberships are sold on an individual basis and display your name and photograph. They are non-transferable and cannot be used by other individuals.

Do I have to have my photograph on my membership card?

Yes, all members will have a photograph on their membership card. The photograph will be taken at the Membership Cabin on the member’s first visit and will avoid your card being used in error by another individual.

Do I need to bring my membership card every time I visit?

Yes, you need to bring your membership card to gain entry to the zoo and then to enjoy the member discounts in our shop and cafes.

What if I have already paid for day entry and decide to become a member?

Just pop in and see us on your way out with your admission receipt/booking reference and we will deduct your admission (excluding donation) off the membership price on a like for like basis. This can also be done later, within 14 days of your visit, by contacting the membership team  or by calling on 01962 777960 with your reference number. In the meantime, please do not purchase a membership online or buy further tickets at admissions as we will not be able to refund those purchases.

I have accessibility needs, do I get a discount on membership if I need a carer?

Members with accessibility needs who require a carer can have one un-named carer added to their membership card for free. This will mean that any adult accompanying the member will be allowed access to the Zoo free of charge as the member’s carer.

The confirmation required is sight of a letter from a GP confirming disability, a letter confirming receipt of DLA/PIP or the standard blue badge for vehicles which depicts the disabled person’s name and identification. You can still take out membership via the internet or over the telephone on 01962 777960 but the “with carer” element will not be added to the membership card until proof has been seen at the Membership Office. You are only required to provide this proof once a year upon taking out or renewing your membership.

My child has reached the age of three and I am part way through my membership, what should I do?

Children must be paid for once they reach the age of three regardless of whether it’s a day entry ticket or an annual membership. If you wish to join your child as a junior member when they turn three, they can be added on a pro rata basis at a pro rata price to bring their membership expiry date in line with your own.  Please note that pro rata memberships can only be purchased over the telephone by calling 01962 777960 or in the membership cabin. Pro rata memberships cannot be upgraded from day tickets.

What should I do if I lose my card?

Please ensure you bring with you proof of address such as a drivers licence. Don’t worry, it’s only £2.50 for a replacement. Please call the membership team in order to replace your membership card.

When will I know that my membership is due to expire?

About a month before your membership is due to expire we will post out a renewal notice with different payment options for you to choose from. If we have your correct email address, you may receive notification via email.

Buy Your Zoo Memberships Online

Questions?  Email our team or call 01962 777960.


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