Thriving Through Nature

We are thrilled to have upcycled and completely revamped our old tropical house which is now home to mammals, insects, amphibians and lizards.

Explore our immersive displays in Thriving Through Nature with plants that stimulate the senses, flowing waterfalls, ancient olive trees, and sandstone rocks.

Opened in 2023, the exhibit is the zoo’s first Makaton-led area incorporating Makaton symbols designed to ensure inclusivity.

We’ve also stripped back the signage to make sure this is a space people can truly immerse themselves in, connecting with nature and reaping the benefits that brings.

Rock hyrax, insects, amphibians and lizards live amongst herbs, palms and plants that flourish in semi-desert conditions.

The new exhibit is designed to appeal to the senses with calming water sounds, scented plants, light effects and textured surfaces. This is important because we know from research that time spent immersed in the natural world helps boost mental wellbeing.

What’s even better is that it also makes us more aware of the world around us and helps the environment too.

We experience more happiness when we connect with nature, whether that’s through smelling a herb or scented flower, learning about how reptiles warm their blood or just slowing down and stopping to listen to the sounds around us. Doing these things not only makes us happier, but it encourages pro-nature behaviours.

The building was closed as a tropical exhibit when our new Energy For Life: Tropical House was opened in 2018.

The older glasshouse had become inefficient from a heat perspective and was no longer suitable for housing tropical species. It is however, perfect for species that enjoy very warm summers and slightly cooler winters.

The building is heated through an extension to our zoo poo biomass heating system. The habitat houses species that thrive in sub-tropical temperatures meaning less heat is needed throughout the winter months.

By repurposing the existing building and adapting it to species that thrive in the conditions it naturally offers, we’ve also prevented the building going to waste.

Learn more about the wonderful habitat: 

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Zoe – 1 day ago

Great Zoo, reasonably priced entry. Lovely day out for the whole family.

Stacy – 1 day ago

Great for a family visit

Great place for a family visit. Animals, cafes, playgrounds and a train 🙂

Kamila – 1 day ago

An amazing day out in the nature

Bogdan-Ioan – 1 day ago

Lovely day

As ever Marwell is a delight to visit. Our grandsons had a whale of a time, and…

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Great day out

Great day out, not to busy on week day. Entrance prices are worth it – saw lots …

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Amazing day out

So much to see and do, kept the children and adults entertained all day. Really…

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Learn, listen and play

Monkeys, apes, tiger, rhinos, antelope, cattle, liltle donkey, zebras…we were …

Jacqueline – 1 week ago

Emily – 1 week ago

It was a good day out. Grandkids loved it and want to go back

Trusted customer – 2 weeks ago

We had fun!

The zoo was easy to get too, only 1.5hrs from home, we were a party of 11 people…

Patsy – 2 weeks ago

Nice clean environment …loads to see ..toilets clean .friendly staff .can book…

Trusted customer – 2 weeks ago

Beautiful zoo to visit

Lovely place to visit, great value. Friendly staff, wide range of animals.

Trusted customer – 2 weeks ago

Best day out ever is the words said by my 11 year old grandson

My grandchildren loved our visit to Marwell, they haven’t been for a long time…

Anne – 2 weeks ago

First visit

Very good zoo – good environments for the animals – for a zoo. Good cafe

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