Zoo Volunteers at Marwell

Marwell Wildlife is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity and other natural resources. We employ a talented team who are passionate about conservation, education, research, welfare and sustainability. We couldn’t carry out our work without the help of our fantastic volunteer programme.

Anyone who can get to the zoo and is aged 18 and over can apply to volunteer with us. Please note there are no volunteering opportunities with direct contact with the animals. 

Why not volunteer with us and be part of the Marwell Family?

Marwell Wildlife has volunteers from all walks of life. They contribute in many ways, supporting our mission of connecting people with nature. All our volunteers are highly valued and help make Marwell a special place.

Here at Marwell , our zoo volunteers are interested in both animals and conservation. If you’ve been looking for adult volunteer roles, look no further than Marwell Zoo. To become an adult volunteer, you should be over 18 years of age.  We aim to provide you with all the necessary knowledge to complete your role whilst volunteering in Hampshire.

What’s in it for you?

As a volunteer at the zoo, you gain the opportunity to help us to connect people with nature, spread our conservation message and enhance our guest’s visits to the zoo, as well as:

  • Gain valuable knowledge and experience
  • Build confidence and meet new people
  • Full training for your volunteer role
  • Free entry for volunteers to the zoo
  • Discounts in the zoo cafes and retail outlet when on duty
  • Uniform
  • Regular zoo updates

Find out what volunteer opportunities are currently available, and how to apply today.

Corporate Volunteering
Do you have a team looking to volunteer for a charity while having a rewarding and fun day out?

Are you looking to improve team dynamics and strengthen working relationships?

If so, look no further than our Marwell Wildlife Corporate Volunteer Days! As a charity, Marwell Wildlife wants to connect people with nature and we’re pleased to provide many opportunities for teams to volunteer at our 140 acre park. Your team will have the opportunity to use our invigorating and inspiring setting to have a fun, educational day and help boost your team’s spirit.

Corporate Volunteer Days
How Corporate Volunteer Days can benefit your company and employees

Regardless of which department within the zoo you work with, we offer a unique setting for your Corporate Volunteer Day. We offer a day out from your usual workplace, in the fresh country air of Marwell’s grounds; keep your eyes peeled for some of our incredible animals.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhance/build relationships within your team.
  • Develop communication skills with your employees, especially with those who work in different departments/teams.
  • Teach your team different skills.
  • Build confidence when doing something outside of their comfort zone.
  • Gain knowledge about Marwell and the work we do locally and globally.
  • Develop a sense of achievement. Seeing an end product or knowing the ‘bigger picture’ of what the task will help with in the future.

How Corporate Volunteer groups benefit Marwell

Our Corporate Volunteer Days continue to grow and span across multiple sections within the zoo. Through providing your team’s time and skills Marwell benefits hugely for the following reasons:

  • Tasks/projects – Having large groups in means essential work can be done around the zoo, in conjunction with the daily tasks which need completing. Without Corporate Volunteer groups it could take teams days or even weeks to complete additional tasks.
  • Food –  We plant native species in and around the zoo which can eventually be used for food for the animals. This is done through cutting the branches, stripping leaves off and putting them in to browse barrels. These barrels are then frozen and can be used as food stores for the animals for winter, when fresh produce is harder to come by.
  • Money – Not only through donations but through the work which is carried out. This could result in external companies not needing to be used.
  • Community Links – Build links with local companies and individuals. We hope that your participation in one of our volunteer days will be the start of our partnership with you and your team
  • Educate – Spark an interest/passion within the volunteers. Some will revisit as a guest or even volunteer at Marwell.

Want to know more?

If you and your colleagues are interested in helping out at Marwell this year, then please email our Corporate Volunteer Coordinator, Andy, at education@marwell.org.uk.

Availability is limited but we will try our best to accommodate all groups where we can.


We will contact you 6 weeks prior to your visit and ask you to confirm your attendance and any donation you have agreed. If you need to cancel your visit we request that you do this with as much notice as possible. Anything within the 6 week period makes it extremely difficult for us to get another group in within that time frame, so we thank you for your assistance with this.

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering – What

Corporate Volunteering – What to expect

Corporate Volunteer – Examples Itinerary

Corporate Volunteering – Example Itineraries

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