Marwell Zoo App

NEW for 2022, make the most of your day and download our free Marwell Zoo app, available on both iPhone and Android smartphones. 

  • Park map, wayfinding, and location information
  • Daily animal feed times*
  • Special events & activities*
  • Exclusive app-only offers*
  • Exclusive competitions*
  • Even more animal facts!
  • Tips on food & drink

*Subject to availability.

It’s FREE to download from the App Store or Google Play Store for Apple and Android Phones. Love the app? Be sure to leave us an app store review!

App Top Tips

Make the most of your day, and don’t miss out on all the great features in store.

Hop onto our free WiFi

Save your mobile data and make use of our free WiFi at the zoo. No need for a password or log-in, just select the network named ‘PUBLIC’ to connect and enjoy using our free app with full functionality.

Downloading the App

Available on Android and Apple app stores for free! It won’t take up much space on your phone, either.

Allow Notifications

We’ll send you updates from around the zoo, as well as exciting things to expect during your visit. Our app will also send you a notification when you’re nearby certain enclosures. For example, we’ll tell you if a keeper is nearby, so that you can go and chat to them as they work and learn more about our animals!

When you first download the app, it will ask you to allow notifications – select ‘Always’. Depending on your device, it may not give the option to always allow, and might instead say ‘While Using the App’. You’ll need to go into your phone’s general settings, then Marwell Zoo App to change this to ‘Always’ to get the full experience.

Notifications are targeted, so you might not receive every single one. That’s ok! You’ve likely seen it before, or it won’t apply to you.

Don’t forget ‘Events’

Tap ‘Events’ on the bottom menu bar to see what animal feeds are on that day. Using our app is the only way to see these times, so don’t miss out! Animal feeds will usually be added on the day.

You can also set a reminder within the app to get a notification when the feed is soon. This is great to avoid losing track of time.

Different Maps and Filters

There are multiple maps on the app, each with different things to see or visit! View all our animals and filter by species type or look at our facilities to find the nearest toilet in an emergency.

When viewing the map, you can pinch to zoom for a more detailed view.

Tap a bubble of interest and ‘View details’ to see extra animal facts, videos, animal house opening hours, and more.


We often have trails at the zoo, many of which are now on our app. You can find the current trail on the app map – it will usually be the first tab, or the second if you’ve used the Plan Your Day feature. If there’s no trail tab, we don’t have one running that day.

Plan Your Day

Tap the ‘Plan’ tab in the bottom menu to create a plan of your ideal day at the zoo! Add animals that you don’t want to miss on your visit, and you can check back throughout the day to stay on track.


The best top tip we can give is to just have a play and explore the app yourself – you might find something new every time you use it!

It could be a great way to keep kids entertained when you’re on your way in the car, or while you wait in line for a tasty ice cream. Try quizzing your group on some of the animal facts or see who can name the most species you’ll find at the zoo!

Ready to dive in?