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Support our Wildlife Charity at Marwell Zoo

Marwell’s impact depends on the generous support and enthusiasm of people like you to help finance our wildlife conservation work and enable us to secure a better future for endangered species.

Our charity is dedicated to protecting threatened wildlife under the endangered species act. Our activities take us around the world, contributing to regional or global conservation strategies, but with a particular focus on the south of England and Africa.

Please donate now, or support Marwell through one of the options below. If you’re fundraising by baking cakes, washing cars or climbing mountains – your support for our wildlife charity could make a huge difference.

Here at Marwell Zoo, we’re grateful for each of your generous donations, whether that’s as an animal conservation charity donation or a gift purchased from our Amazon wishlist. Every penny helps our wildlife charity work contribute towards a better future for these threatened species.

Every Pound Helps!

  • £1.20 could buy
    A coconut to enrich a gibbon’s day.
  • £64.48 could buy
    Enough meat to feed our Amur tigers for one week.
  • £353.16 could buy
    A coil of rope to enrich our primates’ exhibits.
  • £1,500 could buy
    A new heated operating table for our veterinary surgery.
Snow Leopard Panthera Uncia Marwell Zoo Jason Brown

Support our new snow leopard habitat

At Marwell, snow leopards have been an important part of our conservation work since 1977, both at the zoo and in the wild. To continue keeping snow leopards at Marwell, we must increase the size of their habitat.

Leaving a gift in your will

Does Marwell Zoo hold a special place in your heart? Or perhaps you’re interested in leaving a legacy to the zoo to help our projects in the future? Leaving a donation in your will is one of the simplest ways to ensure that these endangered species get the care and protection they deserve. Learn about leaving a gift and download our Marwell Legacy leaflet.


Gifts in memory

Raising funds for Marwell in memory of a loved one.

Grevys Zebra Equus Grevyi Marwell Zoo Side By Side

Making a donation

Donating online only takes a moment. If you share our passion for the natural world, please support us today.

Tashi the red panda at Paradise Wildlife park before arriving at Marwell Zoo

Adopting an animal

We offer Standard, Premium and Children’s Adoptions.


Becoming an annual member

Enjoy unlimited entry to the zoo plus a host of other benefits.

Amur Tiger Panthera Tigris Altaica Marwell Zoo 2

Volunteering at Marwell

Marwell Wildlife has over 150 volunteers from all walks of life with a shared interest in conservation, wildlife and the environment.

Where next?

Thanks for reading. Learn more about ways you can support our charity, or take action.