Fur, Feathers & Scales

Saunter through our walkthrough aviary, hop around our wallaby walkthrough or creep around our cold-blooded corner.

Built with animal encounters in mind, Fur, Feathers & Scales is the perfect location to get close to some of the reptiles, birds and mammals at Marwell.

Walk-Through Aviary

Our walkthrough aviary is jam packed with a fantastic range of colourful and exotic birds – squawking, swooping and strutting.

It’s an exciting and immersive entrance to our new Fur, Feathers & Scales exhibit, as well as a valuable education resource for children – especially 4 to 7-year-olds.

This aviary is larger than any other in the zoo by a considerable margin. One of its greatest assets is its spacious house, which keeps the birds safe, dry and warm through the winter – a guaranteed animal encounter whatever the time of year.

With its varied habitat it caters for all manner of nest building styles – an essential given the mix of birds!


Follow the path down from the aviary and you’ll find the “fur” section. Our new red panda, Tashi, recently joined us – come and say hello!

Wallaby Walkthrough

A new and improved habitat for our red-necked and parma wallabies! Our Wallaby Walkthrough features a small creek, pool, stream and pond and a natural seating area so guests can relax immersed in wildlife.

Cold-Blooded Corner

Here you’ll discover the venomous reticulate Gila monster and the rare Egyptian tortoise. If you love reptiles this is definitely the place for you!

Near Fur, Feathers & Scales? Look out for:

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Martyn Beaded Lizard

Beaded lizard

Beaded lizards are one of only two species of venomous lizard. They have special grooved teeth to release venom when they bite.


Blue-crowned laughingthrush

Blue-crowned laughingthrushes are very sociable. They form close family groups, and young from earlier broods will help to rear younger chicks.

Egyptian tortoise - Testudo kleinmanni at Marwell Zoo

Egyptian tortoise

These tortoises have pale colouring which helps to protect them from the heat of the desert, and also means they are well camouflaged.

Gila Monster Directory

Gila Monster

Gila monsters are one of only two venomous lizard species in the world. The other species is the beaded lizard.

Hamerkop Building Nest


Hamerkops are reported to be the source of more legends and superstitions than any other bird.

Northern Bald Ibis

Northern bald ibis

The Northern bald ibis was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians, and it can be seen in hieroglyphics from 5000 years ago!

Red Necked Wallaby

Red-necked wallaby

The tail of a wallaby is strong enough to support the weight of the entire animal.

Yellow Village Weaver Ploceus Cucullatus Marwell Zoo

Village weaver

Experiments with captive weaver birds have suggested that these birds use colour to help them distinguish between different seed types, and they reject bitter-flavoured seeds.



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