Adapting to a rapidly changing world and safeguarding precious natural resources relies on people getting involved, and having the capability and capacity to make a difference.

Wherever we work, we try to catalyse change by encouraging and supporting people to learn, care and take action!

We provide opportunities for all stages of learning from pre-school to post-graduate qualifications delivered by our teams of educators and scientists respectively. Each year we welcome over 40,000 school children to Marwell to learn about wildlife, the wider environment and conservation solutions.

With our academic partners, we provide formal teaching and training in subjects such as animal management, veterinary medicine and conservation biology in the UK and internationally. We offer work experience and internship opportunities for early career conservationists of different nationalities attached to our programmes of work in various countries.

In Africa, we support initiatives of pastoralist communities with complementary goals of conserving wildlife while diversifying and enhancing their livelihoods through sustainable management of natural resources. As part of this process, we provide specialist training for community representatives as well as protected area personnel in wildlife monitoring and management, and bring resources for them to continue this work.

More broadly, we encourage participation in conservation education, habitat restoration and other activities through volunteering opportunities for individuals and groups.