Higher Education

We offer opportunities to study wildlife conservation, and veterinary medicine with Marwell, and provide higher education sessions with our team of practising conservation biologists and scientists.

A limited number of work experience and internship places are available for current or newly graduated students. Contact us to find out more.

Higher Education Self-Guided Park Visit 

Higher education rates are only available during the week, through Hampshire school term times. You can view the term dates here.

In order to qualify for higher education rates, your whole group will need to enter the zoo together. Minimum group size: 6.


Autumn and Spring price (01/09/2023 – 29/03/2024 exclusions apply) 

  • £11.00 per student
  • £11.00 per lecturer

 Summer price (15/04/24 – 23/07/24 exclusions apply)

  • £13.50 per student
  • £13.50 per lecturer

Invoice admin fee – £5 + VAT

Book a Higher Education Self-guided Park Visit

Higher Education Lectures 

We offer lectures to higher education groups. These are priced separately to those shown above, for self-guided park visits. The pricing will be determined by what is required and a set price will be agreed with the team you liaise with.

For more information please email education@marwell.org.uk with your request and you will be contacted by a member of the team. In your email, please enter the following information:

  1. Organisation name
  2. How many students
  3. Degree title
  4. Module
  5. Year of study
  6. Lecture request