Our charitable delivery is possible because of revenue generated by the operation of Marwell Zoo, and through the generous contributions of funding and technical partners who help us to achieve genuine added value.

The care of the animal collection, and zoo based education and sustainability activities are funded through annual operational and capital budgets. This requires ongoing effort to maintain and enhance quality of our facilities, so we try to generate an annual surplus and designate funds for these critical investments.

Separate to this, our global conservation activities are underwritten through a fixed percentage of the zoo’s annual turnover which means that our expenditure and impact are designed to grow with its success and popularity. This funding model also means that our team of conservation managers and scientists can plan ahead with confidence. We focus our resources on projects that we implement directly, or for which we play key technical or governing roles in collaboration with our partners. We do not provide grants to individuals or other organisations.

This approach has proved successful in allowing us to establish long term commitments to focal places, ecosystems and species. We hope that the combination of matched resources, dependability and longevity in our fields of interest offer an attractive proposition to current and future funding partners that help bring added value to our work.

While the financial input is critical, we are achievement minded and seek to measure the success and impact of our conservation work. Our audited accounts are publicly available directly or via the Charity Commission website as part of the Trustees’ annual report.