For those looking to incorporate real world learning experiences for their Biology, Psychology or Animal Management students, our Post 16 half day conferences provide a unique balance of formal lectures and focused outdoor learning, to engage students and facilitate key learning outcomes as detailed in the overview documents below.

We have two different half day conferences available to book either side of the spring and autumn half-term dates

Conferences run from 10:30am to 1:30pm (including a mid-morning, 20-minute break with tea and coffee provided) leaving plenty of time in the afternoon for you and your students to enjoy the zoo. If you are booking the Wildlife Conservation Conference and would like to include an additional session (at no extra cost) on Classification then please phone to confirm: 01962 777970.


We offer a range of 30 or 45 minute workshops specifically designed for Post 16 students.

30 Minute workshop

  • Classification

45 Minute workshops

  • Marwell’s Role in Conservation
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Conservation Case Study
  • Sex for Survival
  • Sustainability at Marwell


P16 Animal Behaviour Conference Overview

P16 Wildlife Conservation Conference Overview

Workshop map

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