Get the most out of your visit to Marwell with a free recce visit.

Visit with up to four colleagues (5 guests in total) for a free recce visit. Plan your route around the zoo, check out the facilities and complete your risk assessment.

Family and friends are welcome to accompany you, but they will be expected to pay normal admission prices and book their tickets in advance on a separate booking system. Tickets for accompanying family and friends will need to be purchased using our normal online ticket booking process.


Terms & Conditions

  • In order to book a recce visit, you must have a trip booked.
  • Recce visits must be booked in advance and are only valid for members of staff who are part of a pre-booked trip (up to 5 members of staff).
  • If you wish to bring family or friends, you will need to book their tickets separately online.
  • For any questions you may have please either email or call the education team, following your recce. Email: education@marwell.org.uk / Tel: 01962 777970
  • Please be aware that last admission is 90 minutes before the zoo closes. Please check the zoo opening times for the day you wish to come.

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