KS1 Resources

To ensure your day runs smoothly and is filled with engaging activities, we have prepared a variety of free downloadable support materials.

These resources are designed to enrich your class’s educational experience and provide fun, interactive learning opportunities for young students. We offer a comprehensive collection of free resources that have been created to support educators and parents in providing high-quality learning.

Please print responsibly.

Explore Our KS1 Workshops

Our Key Stage 1 (KS1) workshops are designed to provide valuable information and hands-on activities for children. These workshops aim to enhance the learning experience by offering creative and educational content tailored to young minds. Discover more about how our KS1 workshops can benefit your classroom or home learning environment.

KS1 Free Resources

KS1 Animal Fact Files

KS1 Animal Habitats Scheme of Work

KS1 Baby Animals

KS1 Habitats Game

KS1 Marwell Zoo Quiz

KS1 African Explorers

KS1 Look, learn and do: Marwell Zoo

KS1 Food Chains

KS1 Wet Weather pack

KS1 Fur, Feathers and Scales – Activity Pack

KS1 Rainforest Pack

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