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Unlock a world of educational discovery for Post 16 groups at Marwell Zoo! From captivating half-day conferences to workshops aligned with Post-16 specifications, tailor your visit for an unforgettable learning experience. Dive into self-guided park tours and access free downloadable resources. Book now for an adventure like no other!

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Education Workshop at Marwell Zoo

Half-Day Conferences

We offer two different conferences: Wildlife Conservation and Animal Behaviour. We run these during designated weeks in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

Higher education MRES students - Marwell Zoo

30-Minute Workshops

We offer one 30-minute workshop which is designed to complement Post-16  specifications and qualifications.

Marwell Zoo - Post 16 education workshops

45-Minute Workshops

We offer five 45-minute workshops which are designed to complement Post-16  specifications and qualifications.

Self-Guided Park Visit

Self-Guided Park Visits are the perfect way to tailor your trip to suit your needs. You can learn about the animals at your own pace.

A group of scimitar-horned oryx in Tunisia

Post 16 Free Downloadable Resources

Our Education Team has put together a range of free resources for students of all abilities.

Amur Tiger Panthera 10

Education Booking Prices

Specific pricing for Education bookings.