Gift Bags for Education Visits

Gift Shop Marwell Zoo 20213

The staff at The Gift Shop are happy to welcome school groups into the shop, where an extensive range of products are available for purchase.

Alternatively, if you would prefer not to visit the shop with your group, you can pre-order gift bags and then on the day an adult from the group can go and collect from the Gift Shop.

Gift Bag Contents
£3.00 Gift Bag contents £4.00 Gift Bag contents
Postcard Postcard
Button Badge Button Badge
£1 pencil £1 pencil
Notebook Notebook
Eraser  Marwell Meerkat magnet 

The Gift Shop is open from 10.00am. To order your bags please call The Gift Shop staff on 01962 777976 at least 2 weeks in advance of your visit. (Pre-ordering is required to allow time for the bags to be made up). You can pay over the phone or by card on the day.