KS1 Workshops

KS1 Workshops

We offer a range of interactive, engaging and educational workshops specifically designed for KS1 ability students.  The sessions are 40 minutes and 70 minutes for a working scientifically session.  These both include time for exploring the classroom and hand washing afterwards. 

Please click on the workshops below to find out more about session content and curriculum links.

KS1 All About Animals Workshop

KS1 All About Animals Workshop

KS1 Animal Habitats Workshop

A fun and kinaesthetic session designed to relate animal adaptations to the conditions in their habitats.  

KS1 Working Scientifically Workshop

KS1 Working Scientifically Workshop

KS1 Rainforests Workshop

This session looks closely at conditions in a rainforest compared to the UK

KS1 Fur, Feathers and Scales Workshop

This is an interactive KS1 session that uses many real animal artefacts including skins, feathers and whole stuffed animals.

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KS3 Adaptation school workshop

A great day out, the students loved it all. Thank you. I was very impressed with the workshopSaint Bede's- Redhill, 7th June 2019