KS2 Workshops

KS2 Workshops

We offer a range of interactive, engaging and educational workshops specifically designed for KS2 ability students.

Please click on the workshops below to find out more about session content and curriculum links.

KS2 Adaptation to Habitat

How animals are adapted to where they live

KS2 All About Animals

A flexible pupil-led session that can be tailored to suit most topics on living things.



KS2 Conservation

Explore how our actions affect the world

KS2 Life Cycles

Compare life cycles of amphibians, mammals, insects and birds

KS2 Rainforests

Find out about rainforests and some of the animals that live there

Lower KS2 Working Scientifically

What do skeletons and muscles do?

Upper KS2 Working Scientifically

Why are animals different ?

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Year-5 Trip To Marwell

On Wednesday the 13th of January 2016 Fernhurst Primary School Year-5 went to Marwell Zoo for a school trip.We got there on an AMK Bus ,it took us about an hour to get there.My favourite part was looking at the Giraffes because it is amazing to see how big they actually… Read full reviewJoe, 21st January 2016