Education Hubs

Our hubs are designed to be modular. Pick and mix one or multiple topics and locations to create your perfect day!

3 Steps to booking your education hub sessions

  1. Choose your Topic
  2. Choose your location
  3. Make your booking(s)

All about animals

A general session following pupils’ interest and the animals viewable on the day.

This topic is bookable at all hub locations.

Please refer to the ‘all about animals’ overview sheet for more detail


How are animals adapted for survival?

This topic is bookable at all hub locations.

Please refer to the ‘adaptation’ overview sheet for more detail

Classification (Fur, Feathers and Scales)

Ranging from the basics of grouping animals to the more detailed characteristics of the 5 vertebrate groups.

This topic is bookable at all hub locations.

Please refer to the ‘classification’ overview sheet for more detail


How do scientist know which species need help? How does conservation work in the wild and how can individuals help?

This topic is bookable at all hub locations.

Please refer to the ‘conservation’ overview sheet for more detail


Using viewable species.

How are rainforest species adapted to habitat? What are rainforests like and why are they important?

This topic is bookable at all hub locations.

Please refer to the ‘rainforests’ overview sheet for more detail

SEN Sensory

Using the engagement model as a guide, this session uses sight, sound, smell and touch to explore patterns, camouflage and habitats.

This topic is based at the Science & Learning Centre.

Please refer to the SEN Sensory overview sheet for more detail.


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Hub locations are spread out over the zoo, please allow sufficient time to move from one hub to the next. See education hub map

When you have booked remember to use your free recce visit to check your timings.

Giraffes (Evo2)

Located beside the Giraffe boardwalk where viewable species include giraffe, roan antelope, blesbok, roan antelope, plains zebra, bongo and rainforest fish.

Wild Explorers

Located at the start of our wild explorers trail (opposite the clouded leopards)  where viewable species include- white rhino, grevy’s zebra, and scimitar-horned oryx.

Tropical House

Located about halfway through the Tropical House*, just after the bridge. This area is slightly cooler than further up, but it will still be warm! Leave enough time to move through the first half of the house before getting to the Hub for your chosen time. Prepare your pupils for the fact that it will be hot and humid (particularly in the summer)!

*Please note in the event of the Tropical House being closed your session will be moved to Life Among the Trees. This hub is located in the Long House adjacent to the Siamang Gibbons. You will be notified if your session needs to move.

Science & Learning Centre

Located at our Science & Learning Centre is an interactive Hub designed to feed the curiosity of your pupils through hands-on activities using animal biofacts to discover more about the hidden secrets of the natural world. Please wait under the shelter out of the front of the building.

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Book hubs online now

Once you have selected your topic(s) and hub location(s) click on the link below to check availability and book. Here you will need to complete a booking form for each hub you plan to attend detailing your school information and numbers attending each hub.

Check availability here

  • Step 1 – Select the date you wish to visit.
  • Step 2 – Choose which hub you want to book.
  • Step 3 – Click on the timeslot you require, click ‘create reservation’ and fill in the accompanying form.
  • Step 4 – If you have more than 30 pupils you will need to repeat the process for each group of up to 30.
  • Step 5 – Your form will be checked and processed into our booking system. You will then receive a confirmation within 48 hours which will include a price breakdown, recce visit information etc.


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Education Hub Map

You can view our Education Hub Map  here.

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How many can take part in these Education Hub sessions?

Up to 30 children can attend a hub at any one time.

What ages is it aimed at?

We can provide the Education Hubs for Early Years up to Key Stage 2 students.

Are the Education Hub sessions suitable for SEND groups?

Absolutely! They are short, flexible sessions which may suit some SEND groups (Makaton signing is usually available).

Will it be undercover?

Hub locations are under or near covered areas.

Will we get to touch live animals?

We’re choosing not to have pupils handle or touch animals. We encourage viewing of animals in their enclosures where they are displaying their natural behaviours.

Will the children get to touch animal artefacts, e.g. skins, skulls etc.

The Science and Learning Hub gives the opportunity to see and, if relevant, touch some of our bio-artefacts up close.

Where are the Education Hubs located?

Hubs are located around the zoo. Please see our Education Hub Map.


Use our online booking portal

Book hubs online now

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