4th April - 1st November 2020

Join us for a world exclusive, larger than life brick adventure – SUPERSIZED!

The event will now be on display at the zoo until 1 November 2020. 

Featuring up to 30 models of curious real-life creatures in 25 locations around the park, from sneaky predators such as the venomous blue-ringed octopus to the aptly named assassin bug, these fearsome creatures have been magnified to an eye-popping size. 

Other highlights include a three metre tarantula and a towering two metre spitting cobra!

But are these fearsome creatures what they seem? Follow the trail to discover more about each species and break the myth of these often-misunderstood creatures.

Go through a minimising ‘machine’ on arrival and feel shrunk at the start of your journey! 

Download our SUPERSIZED trail map here

Guess how many bricks were used to build the tarantula and you could WIN a 20cm Frog model  Enter here

Guess how many ants in the colony to win a £40 LEGO® set.  Post your guess to our social media #howmanyants

Head over to our Facebook page to win your drawing turned into a bespoke toy brick model! Find out more here

We’re making some changes at the zoo...

We’re revamping and maintaining various enclosures. As such some of our animals are currently behind the scenes. Find out more.