Impact Report 2018: positive news for Grevy’s zebra population

May 15, 2019

Impact Report 2018: positive news for Grevy’s zebra population, a 73% reduction in carbon footprint and the opening of the Energy for Life: Tropical House

We are delighted to share with you our  2018 Impact Report. 

We take an holistic and integrated approach to our mission of conserving biodiversity and other natural resources. This means drawing on the multidisciplinary skills and experiences of our scientists, teachers and practical conservation managers. Our work is all about collaboration with like-minded organisations and communities wherever we work. Many of these alliances have been in place for years and positive outcomes are accruing because of long term commitments. 

By 2018, a decade and a half of collaboration to revive the fortunes of Grevy’s zebra in Kenya resulted in welcome evidence of an increase in the national population of this endangered species.Recalculation of our carbon footprint revealed a 73% reduction since our baseline year in 2008 despite growth in our organisation and infrastructure. We surpassed one million pupils visiting Marwell Zoo with their schools since our education programmes began 36 years ago. 

There were also newer initiatives to celebrate, such as the beginning of a seminal project to monitor snow leopards across international borders; the opening of our new Energy for Life Tropical House to engage the public in the critical subject of climate change; and our contribution to the publication of the Asia-Pacific Regional Assessment of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.