Global Snow Leopard Forum in Kyrgyzstan

Photo credit: The Wildlife Institute\/Wildlife without borders

Photo credit: The Wildlife Institute/Wildlife without borders

Marwell Wildlife’s Philip Riordan is attending a forum and summit for the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program (GSLEP) in Kyrgyzstan, highlighting the work he and his partners are doing for snow leopard conservation in China. As well as presenting work that has been in progress for over 10 years, Philip and his key partner, Prof. Shi Kun at Beijing Forestry University will be meeting with numerous organisations from the 12 counties that have snow leopards to undertake new initiatives that link efforts across national borders and enhance efforts to tackle key threats to this magnificent species and the beautiful, yet fragile ecosystems in which they live. 

The Wildlife Institute have produced a outline of the work carried out in China to date, which will underpin our future initiatives together. This document can be downloaded here .

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