Adopt a Meerkat


Meerkats live in Southern Africa and are widespread in the dry, open savanna, grassland, and desert areas. Temperatures in the summer can get as high as 40C, while overnight frosts in the cool season are also common. These charismatic animals are very social, living in groups of up to 50 individuals in the wild. Meerkats don’t currently face any major threats, and are found in several large, protected areas.

When you adopt a meerkat, you’ll receive…

Our Standard Adoption scheme includes all this for just £50.00:

  • A special adoption certificate, personalised with your name.
  • A selection of stickers.
  • A brilliant bookmark.
  • A photo of a Marwell meerkat.
  • One adult day-ticket to visit Marwell Zoo.
  • Animal fact sheet, so you’ll know all about the Meerkat.
  • Recognition on the adopter board at the Meerkat enclosure.

We also have a group adoption scheme for just £55 which is perfect for schools & clubs – call us on 01962 777988 to find out more.


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Meerkats are some of the most-loved animals at any zoo, even here at Marwell Zoo. While they are currently not under threat in the wild, it’s important that their habitat survives. By adopting a meerkat from Marwell Zoo, you’re helping the meerkats that live here, and supporting us in protecting their habitats in the wild. Our conservation work can’t go ahead without the amazing support from people like you who adopt our animals and make amazing donations.


Marwell Zoo uses the money from adoptions and animal experiences to help our conservation efforts around the world. Many of our conservation efforts focus on the South of England, China and Africa, as well as other locations of importance. Choosing to adopt an animal helps us to raise vital funds to continue our conservation work and support more threatened animals and their habitats.

Did you know that meerkats are resistant to some venoms?

Our adoption process is easy, you just have to choose your adoption package, whether that is a child, standard or premium package, head to the checkout, and pay for your package. Adopting through Marwell Zoo is a great choice, not only will you be helping support our conservation work, but you’ll receive a selection of wonderful Marwell goodies as a thank you.