Adopt a White rhinoceros

White rhinoceros

The white rhino is one of the world’s largest land animals with a body size smaller than elephants but of similar stature to the greater one-horned rhino. The species has two horns, with the front usually longer than the back. The southern white rhino originally occurred in Africa south of the Zambezi River, while the Northern white rhino was found in East and central Africa south of the Sahara. By adopting a white rhino, you will be helping both the rhinos that call Marwell Zoo home as well as those in the wild. You’ll also receive a bag of goodies and a zoo ticket as a thank-you for your generosity.

When you adopt a white rhinoceros, you’ll receive…

Our Standard Adoption scheme includes all this for just £50.00:

  • A special adoption certificate personalised with your name.
  • A selection of stickers.
  • A brilliant bookmark.
  • A photo of a white rhinoceros.
  • One adult day ticket.
  • Animal fact sheet, so you’ll know all about white rhinoceroses.
  • Your name on the adopter board at the white rhinoceros enclosure.

Want to help even more? Choose Premium Adoption!

We also have a group adoption scheme for just £55 which is perfect for schools & clubs – call us on 01962 777988 to find out more.


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Adopting a white rhinoceros at Marwell Zoo allows you to help this threatened species. White rhinoceroses are one of the biggest mammals in the world. Your donations help us keep these incredible animals healthy and safe in our zoo as well as their habitats in the wild through conservation efforts.


Here at Marwell Zoo, you can come and see white rhinoceroses up close! Your generous donations, adoptions, and animal experiences allow us to keep our herd happy and healthy, as well as help this species in the wild. If you want to help an animal you love, head to Marwell Zoo and spend the day learning about them.


The white rhino’s wide mouth explains why this species is sometimes called the ‘square-lipped’ rhino and is adapted for grazing on grass.

One of the best ways of helping white rhinoceroses is by adopting one at Marwell Zoo. Here at Marwell Zoo, our adoption process makes it easier than ever to sponsor an animal you’re passionate about, and it is as stress-free and simple as possible. You can choose between two adoption packages for our white rhino, the standard and premium packages which offer different levels of adoption so you can choose which one suits you best.

If you’re looking to help white rhinoceros in the UK and globally, adoption is a great choice, and you’ll receive a selection of wonderful goodies to remember your adoption animal by.