Adopt an African wild ass

African wild ass

Our Standard Adoption scheme includes all this for just £50.00:

  • A special adoption certificate, personalised with your name
  • A selection of stickers.
  • A brilliant bookmark.
  • A photo of an African wild ass.
  • One adult-day ticket to Marwell Zoo.
  • Animal fact sheet, so you’ll know all about the African Wild Ass.
  • Your photo on the adopter board at the African Wild Ass enclosure.

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We also have a group adoption scheme for just £55 which is perfect for schools & clubs – call us on 01962 777988 to find out more.


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Marwell Zoo offers a great adoption scheme to those who want to help some of the world’s endangered animals. By adopting an animal at Marwell Zoo, you’ll be helping Wild Ass not only in the zoo but also across the globe. African Wild Ass can often be found in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, on the eastern Horn of Africa and your sponsorship will help the conservation of these animals in their natural habitat.


The conservation team at Marwell Zoo help Wild Ass across the globe, but primarily in Africa. Our conservation efforts focus primarily in England, China and Africa and your adoptions help the continuation of this important work. If you want to help with the work we are doing, then why not consider an adoption package or an animal experience?


Did you know that the African Wild Ass is the smallest member of the horse family with its average height only reaching 6.5 feet?