A new arrival and a new home

April 15, 2019

We have welcomed a male Marabou stork

The new arrival is all the way from Santa Inacio Zoo, in Portugal, and is yet to be named. He has been settling in behind the scenes but you can now spot him alongside Ginger, our female Marabou stork. The pair are getting used to each other in separate areas for the time being but we will keep you updated on their introduction. Keepers say he has settled in well and appears laid back! While male and female Marabou storks look quite similar, you can tell them apart as he does not have a ring around his ankle, whereas Ginger does.

Our collared peccaries have moved

You may have noticed that our three collared peccaries, Ash, Nut and Willow, have moved to a different enclosure. Following the move of Ernesto the anteater, due to a recommendation from the European ex-situ breeding programme, the three females are now residing in the old anteater enclosure. This house is warmer so will keep the three females snug as they edge towards their golden years!