An update on our Tropical House birds

September 15, 2019

Our male white-naped pheasant-pigeon has been paired up!

White-naped pheasant-pigeons

We recently introduced a female white-naped pheasant-pigeon to Tropical House as part of the EEP (European Ex-situ breeding Programme). This species is found in Indonesia and is considered vulnerable, with the number of individuals decreasing due to logging and wood harvesting. You can spot the two in our Tropical House alongside a variety of other free flying tropical birds!

Purple honeycreeper 

We now have two male purple honeycreepers in the exhibit. These tiny birds are actually the smallest bird species in the Tropical House and weigh less than 12g! Male purple honeycreepers are known for their dazzling purple and black plumage, however the females are primarily green. We’re hoping to introduce more of this species in the future as part of a breeding programme, we’ll keep you updated. 

Sclater’s crowned pigeon (Neil!) 

While the pair of white-rumped pheasant-pigeons are settling in and bonding, Neil will be behind the scenes. We are also hoping to update you with exciting news about a friend for him soon too, keep your eyes out for updates! Of course, we will let you know as soon as he is back in the Tropical House so you can pop along and say hello.