Black and white and fluffy all over!

July 21, 2016

We’re celebrating the arrival of black and white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata) triplets.

Born on 6 June to mum Breeze and dad Mr Breeze, these little bundles of fluff are finding their feet in their new home. Stop by World of Lemurs to catch a glimpse of our tiny arrivals.

Black and white ruffed lemurs are critically endangered in the wild and Breeze and Mr Breeze are part of a European Endangered breeding programme (EEP).

These lemurs are very social animals and will live in groups of males and females, however females are more dominant. These animals can mate from the age of 20 months, and their breeding season is between May and July. Black and white ruffed lemurs will give birth in nests made in trees which they will even use their own fur to line.

If the young need to be carried, the mother will carry them around in her mouth, which is very different to other lemurs where their young would hold on to the mother instead. Young black and white ruffed lemurs are able to leave the nest from 3 weeks old and by 7 weeks old they are able to follow their mother and keep up with the rest of the group.