Guess who’s back…

February 9, 2023

Linnes Two Toed Sloth Choloepus Didactylus Marwell Zoo Lara Jackson Santos Hanging

Fans of our resident Linné’s two-toed sloth, Santos, will be thrilled to learn that our Energy For Life: Tropical House is reopening to guests on Saturday!

As well as Santos, guests will be able to visit free flying birds, frogs, tortoises, a crocodile monitor lizard, insects and our impressive 70,000-litre aquarium.

Our Energy For Life: Tropical House has been closed since the end of last year as a result of avian influenza restrictions and maintenance works.

The split-level exhibit demonstrates the flow of energy through life and was built with energy efficiency and sustainability at its centre.

There are hundreds of exotic plants to explore as guests follow the building’s winding path through the tropical exhibit.

Gaze at our Asian glossy starlings, wonder at our white-naped pheasant pigeons and catch a glimpse of the stunning Fischer’s turaco.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled amongst the undergrowth for red-legged millipedes, sun beetles and yellow-throated frogs, and lesser goliath beetles.

With the gentle sounds of our cascading waterfall complimented by bird song our Energy for Life: Tropical House is a fully immersive experience.

Learn how our Energy Centre uses zoo poo to heat our buildings during the winter, see how much energy our solar panels are harnessing and find out how global warming impacts our environments.

In order to ensure we continue to keep our birds as safe as possible, we are asking guests to use the foot baths when you see them and sanitise your hands when leaving this area.

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