Hundreds of Postman Butterflies released in Tropical House

July 22, 2018

Their arrival brings even more colour and excitement to our unique and immersive exhibit which boasts more than 650 plants, a cascading waterfall, large aquarium and a variety of exotic wildlife.

Guests can now spot the South American butterflies and marvel at their magnificent shapes and patterns as they dance across the pathways and flutter throughout the lush greenery. There is also the chance to see the butterflies feeding from various stations throughout the Tropical House.

Other news is the successful breeding of our Roul Roul partridge. The chicks hatched last month and can be spotted on the Forest Floor.

To learn more about the Tropical House residents, meet the team behind the project and learn fascinating facts about the sustainable exhibit, tickets are still available for our new for 2018 Tropical House Safari this Saturday 21 July, which takes place from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. Guests will get an exclusive, after hours guided tour of the exhibit while learning more about the big green message behind this innovative project.